Donut County Will Be Coming to PS4 Next Year

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During the pre-PlayStation Experience keynote from Anaheim, California, Annapurna Interactive’s upcoming title Donut County was revealed to be coming to PS4 next year.

If you haven’t heard about Donut County before, then don’t worry, as you’re probably not alone. As the new trailer that was unveiled during PSX shows, essentially you play as hole. Exciting, right?

Your goal as this hole is to inhale all objects that are on the screen. As you suck up more items, the size of your hole increases and then allows you to absorb more objects of greater size in the environment. It’s a simple concept, but one that seems like it could boast some unique ideas similar to a game like Katamari Damacy.

Up until now, Donut County was only announced for iOS devices and PC, so its arrival on PS4 is the first we’ve heard of the title coming to consoles.

You can catch the quirky, tongue-in-cheek, new trailer that was released for Donut County at the bottom of the page. While we don’t have a specific release date for Donut County as of now, it will be arriving in 2018.

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