Disc Room Has Gone Gold; Releasing on October 22 for Switch and PC

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Devolver Digital’s latest title Disc Room recently went gold and today we know that the game will release later this month. From the team of Minit, Disc Room plays from a top-down perspective where you play as an astronaut exploring a giant disc that has ended up orbiting Jupiter. To progress through the game, you must beat every room with a different variety of discs to dodge as long as possible. What makes this different from other games however is that you are encouraged to die to learn new abilities and to complete objectives in each room. Alongside trying to survive as long as you can, you will be able to compete with your friends as well as all players worldwide to try and earn the longest time.

I got to play Disc Room PAX East earlier this year and ended up being my personal game of the show. It was an absolute blast to play and it has been one of my most anticipated titles ever since. Devolver Digital has been killing it this year with the major success of Fall Guys and other releases like Carrion and Sludge Life (which you can still get for free on the Epic Games Store).

Disc Room is set to release on October 22 for Nintendo Switch and PC. No price point has yet to be revealed.

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