Devolver Digital Announces Puzzle-Exploration Game Pikuniku for PC and Nintendo Switch

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Indie developer Sectordub has teamed up with Devolver Digital to bring a new title to PC and Nintendo Switch owners. Today, the pair announced the ongoing development of Pikuniku, a delightful little puzzle-exploration game set in a world that isn’t quite as nice as it seems.

In Pikuniku, players enter into a strange world filled with torso-headed people with legs that double as arms. You play as Piku, an outsider to this seemingly happy world who endeavors to cheer-up the townsfolk by uncovering a government conspiracy and encouraging them all to face their greatest fears.

By exploring this colorful world, you’ll meet some strange and cute characters, solve various puzzles, do battle with aggressive toast, and bring a community back from the brink of chaos. Of course, in a game this cute, you shouldn’t have to go alone! Enjoy the game’s local cooperative play and save the town from itself as a team.

In true Devolver Digital style, CFO Fork Parker explains how the game’s style became so freaking adorable!

“During the course of early development it became clear that if we wanted to add in all the gore and violence that gamers crave it would cost a lot more money. And I’m not about to pay for more than I have to so get ready for vibrant colours and cute, invincible characters.”

For those who will be in attendance, Pikuniku will be playable at PAX West this coming weekend in the Indie Megabooth.

Pikuniku is expected to release sometime in 2018 for PC and Nintendo Switch. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website. The game’s reveal trailer can be seen below.

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