Destiny 2: Xur’s Location and Inventory on October 6

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Ol’ squiggly face is back! That means it’s time for us to uncover what exotic weapon and armor Destiny 2‘s Xur has got in his bag of goodies for Guardians this weekend.

It has been pointed out previously, but it bears repeating that Xur isn’t trapped on the Tower any longer. So, before we get into what the peddler has in his pockets, we need to find him. Starting today, Xur is chilling near the Winding Cove’s fast travel location in the EDZ. As has become the norm, you no longer need to make a treasure hunt out of the merchant, since he’s got a marker on your map. He’s certain to be hanging about this location until October 10, but don’t tarry for too long. He’s got some fun stuff in-stock.

Here’s the breakdown on the exotics you can expect to from Xur this weekend.

Probably most notable from this selection is the offer of Vigilance Wing. With the Pulse Rifle’s ability to heal and improve performance as allies die, it’s certain to become a favorite for some in Crucible and the game’s upcoming Iron Banner event. While the three exotic helmets are fair additions to any Guardian’s arsenal, we saw Xur offer Foetracer the weekend of September 22. It’s just a little disappointing that we’ve already begun repeating gear.

Along with the Iron Banner event coming next week, Bungie recently revealed that a Prestige Raid would be released for players with Power Levels of at least 300.

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