Destiny 2 Reaches 1.2 Million Concurrent Players Worldwide

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Bungie just announced on Twitter that its recently-released online first-person shooter Destiny 2 has reached a rather flattering milestone.

According to the developers, the game reached and passed 1.2 million concurrent players about twenty minutes ago. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about total players, but players online at the same time on PS4 and Xbox One. That’s certainly a massive number.

While those many players are busying themselves with the currently available content, just today we heard the confirmation of the first DLC expansion Curse of Osiris, even if we still don’t know when it’s coming. We also know the roadmap for the first month after release, including nightfalls, raids and the return of ol’ dear Xur.

Earlier this week, Bungie mentioned that “millions” of players were already playing the game. If you would like to see and read more of Destiny 2, you can take a gander at our pre-review impression article in progress, and you should also check out our previous coverage on the European Dead ZoneLost Sectors themselves and Loot Farming, and Heroic Public Events.

If you want a Saturday laugh, you should also watch the hilarious Japanese live action trailer the equally funny one released for the west.

Destiny 2 released a few days ago around the world for PS4 and Xbox One. PC players like me are still waiting until the dedicated launch on October 24th.

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