Demon Gaze II Gets New Character Trailer With English Voice Over

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NIS America launched a new trailer for their dungeon crawling RPG Demon Gaze II, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America on November 14 and Europe on November 17.

The trailer introduces the new cast of the game who reside at the Stella’s place, but more importantly shows off the game’s English voice over. Additionally, players can get a preview of the high stakes that are at risk as a group of Demon Gazers begin the revolution.

Here are the character bios from the publisher:

  • Muse – The Revolutionist Party’s leader and manager of Stella’s Place, their headquarters. She is the MC for the Overthrow Radio program, on which she exposes injustices.
  • Prim – Muse’s younger sister. Has an incomparable singing voice. She sings “Starlita” on Overthrow Radio for all listeners to hear.
  • Prometh – A mysterious girl. She is the Revolutionists’ broadcast writer and part-time mortician.
  • Cassel – A reliable man who supports the revolution. He runs the Weapon and Item Shop inside Stella’s Place
  • Lezerem – A black-market radio dealer who supports the Revolutionists. He tends to go missing often…
  • Toma – An energetic butler who works at Stella’s Place

Demon Gaze II is set several years after the events of the first game and features many new demon types that are new to the series who are named after constellations. The player will assume the role of the new “Demon Gazer” who has the ability to combine his and a demon’s power to unlock new skills in battle.

The game features dungeon crawling RPG mechanics where the player will build a party and explore multiple level dungeons to reach a certain point. There are many different branching paths as well as secret areas to discover outside of the turn based battle system.

Shown during Gamescom 2017, the dungeon crawling RPG took our award for best PlayStation Vita game at the show for it’s many fine tuned systems and colorful cast of characters. In case you missed it, a location trailer was released showing more of the world of Asteria.

You can watch the new trailer and check out the character illustrations below:

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