December Update for Assassin’s Creed Origins Adds Horde Mode and New Difficulty

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Earlier today, Ubisoft outlined the upcoming slew of content that will be arriving through December in their recently released open world game Assassin’s Creed Origins.

To start, Ubisoft listed off the biggest changes that will be coming in this month’s title update which include the additions of a higher difficulty level as well as a new Horde mode quest. The full list of updates are as follows:

  • Nightmare mode: a new Nightmare difficulty level will be available. The enemies will become more resilient to damages and more dangerous.

  • Enemy scaling: by popular request, we will add the enemy scaling option. When this option is activated, the game automatically scale the lower level enemies to your level.

  • Nightmare and First Civ pack items will be available in the Heka Chest.

  • A new quest introducing Horde mode. The event quest, Here Comes a New Challenger, will introduce you to Horde mode to satisfy your warrior longings. You can prove yourself in the Cyrene arena against unlimited waves of foes. We recommend Level 32 or higher.

  • A new surprise quest!

For those that enjoyed battling Anubis and Sobek in the Trials of the Gods last month, you’ll be happy to know that this month you’ll also be able to face off against the final god in the trio, the warrior goddess Sekhmet. If you missed out on fighting Anubis and Sobek in November, then don’t worry, as you’ll also be able to face them again in December.

Lastly, there are a handful of new weapons and outfits that will be arriving in the Assassin’s Creed Origins in-game store on December 12. The first of these is a gladiator pack which features, the Spaniard’s Armor, the Palladium shield, Hercules’ Gladius (sword), Labrys (heavy blade) and Neptune’s Grasp (spear). On December 26, a handful of new weapons and a mount will also arrive in the Wacky item pack, but Ubisoft did not disclose all of what will be included within it.

While Assassin’s Creed Origins does have a Season Pass available for purchase, free content updates like the one mentioned here will continue arriving into 2018. If you’re still looking for an opinionated look at the game, then be sure to read our review from October. 

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