Death Stranding Listed for June 2019 Release by Walmart Canada, But It’s Definitely Just a Placeholder Date

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Remember Walmart Canada? Yeah, the retail website which leaked nearly every major E3 2018 game reveal weeks before the event took place earlier in the year. Well, now they’re back with a new listing on its website that has caught the attention of many.

Sony and Kojima Productions’ upcoming baby-swallowing sim Death Stranding has recently appeared over on the Walmart Canada website and so has a new launch date for the currently release-windowless game. According to the listing, Death Stranding will release on June 30. Even though Sony is skipping out on E3 2019 in June, this listing would still lead you to believe that they’re preparing to drop a bomb during the month.

When one fan asked the Walmart Canada Twitter account about the date specifically, Walmart responded and said that “this is a pre-order that will ship in June.” It’s all lining up! This listing definitely has to be true if Mr. Walmart confirmed it.

The problem is, this June 30 date isn’t even close to being correct. Don’t put any stock in it whatsoever because it’s just a placeholder date that Walmart attached to the product. If you’ve paid attention to retail listings for items like this in the past, you’ll routinely see sites put placeholder dates like this with products and when they do, more often than not they are always slotted for the last day of the month. Guess what June 30 is? You guessed it, the last day of the month.

Plus, June 30 is a Sunday. Let’s just use basic logic here — when was the last time you remember Sony releasing a new game on a Sunday? If you answered “never” then you would be correct.

Death Stranding still seems to be really far away from releasing and I’d be shocked if it released in 2019 as a whole, let alone only 6 months from now. At best, I’d say our next chance of seeing the game in action could be next week during The Game Awards, as Kojima usually seems to love to bring a new trailer to showcase on his friend Geoff Keighley’s show. We’ll have to wait until December 6 to see my this prediction comes to fruition.

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