Death end re;Quest Gets New Gameplay Details and Final Re:Quest Collaboration Teaser

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Compile Heart provided new details about their upcoming RPG Death end re;Quest, coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan.

The details cover the game’s story elements by focusing on a feature in the game known as “Real Objects”. These are items that are found in the game world, but belong in the real world. While exploring, Shina and the rest of the party will encounter these items and wonder what they are doing in this world. As the story continues, the mystery surrounding the objects will become more clear, which is key part of the game’s plot.

Additionally, players will be able to use a “Glitch” system where a character is consumed by “bugs” after receiving damage. When a character’s contamination is gone untreated, their mental state will descend until they transform into “Glitch Style”. This will allow them to access a cheat-class ability, which has pros and cons. The character’s life will be at stake, but their power will provide a huge edge in combat.

Lastly, the developer released a short teaser trailer for the a collaboration event between Death end re;Quest and digital 8-bit style manga Final Re:Quest by Ichirou Kusaka.

The event will take place on October 30 and feature key member of Compile Heart staff, Kazuteru Maruyama, Ichirou Kusaka, Yohei Sato, and more. The event will also provide information about Final Re:Quest’s upcoming finale.

A western release of Death end re;Quest has not been announced.

You can watch the teaser trailer and check out new screenshots below:

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