Dead Cells Developer is “Not Stopping Anytime Soon” on New DLC; Open to Supporting Google Stadia

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Since its release last summer, Dead Cells has emerged as a cult hit thanks to its challenging roguelike gameplay and addictive Metroidvania elements, and with the game having been such a success, developer Motion Twin seems to be moving ahead on continuing to support the game while also exploring the potential of Google Stadia.

Speaking in an interview at PAX East 2019 in Boston, Motion Twin producer and head of studio Steve Filby shared a bit more on the studio’s breakout success Dead Cells and what might be in store for the game down the line.

Coming off the recent debut of the “Rise of the Giant” DLC that released on PC and Switch (with the new content to arrive on other platforms soon), Filby shared that the studio is “not planning on stopping anytime soon” as far as bringing new content to Dead Cells. Specifically, Filby shared that a new update is currently in the works that should be expected around this summer, along with new levels that are being prepared for sometime later this year.

At the moment, Filby said that the studio is exploring whether this new content for Dead Cells will be released through free updates, free DLC, or a larger paid DLC, but that largely it will depend on feedback from the community.

Alongside the potential new content coming to the game in the future, Filby also shared some insight as to the recent debut of Google Stadia and the possibility that Dead Cells or future projects from the studio could come to the platform. Overall, Filby stated that Motion Twin is “excited” about the possibilities of Google Stadia and the potential of its streaming service, and that the studio would be open to working with the platform and “definitely something we’re looking into.”

Dead Cells is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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