Dead by Daylight Denies God of War First Spot on Japanese PlayStation Store PS4 Rankings

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You’d think that God of War grabbed first place on the ranking for best-selling PS4 titles last week on the Japanese PlayStation Store, but you’d be wrong.

Sony Interactive Entertainment released its top-twenty list, and the recently-released (in Japan) Dead by Daylight: Special Edition is at the top.

  1. Dead by Daylight: Special Edition
  2. God of War
  3. Metal Max Xeno
  4. Mad Max
  5. Cities Skylines PS4 Edition
  6. Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection
  7. Far Cry 5
  8. Minecraft PS4 Edition
  9. Salt and Sanctuary
  10. Monster Hunter World
  11. Death End Re;Quest
  12. LIMBO
  14. Project Nimbus: Code Mirai
  15. Rainbow Six Advanced Edition
  16. Super Robot Wars X
  17. Dragon Quest III
  18. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
  19. Okami HD
  20. Persona 5

Of course, there are reasons why Dead by Daylight is at the top of the chart, and the main one is that it was released in digital form only, so all of its sales weigh on this chart, while God of War has 46,091 copies sold physically  on top of whatever was sold on the PlayStation Store.

On top of that, the Dead by Daylight: Special Edition launched directly with a 20% discount for all PlayStation Plus members.

It’s also relevant to mention that God of War has never really been really popular in Japan. God of War III sold 43.181 copies at retail in its debut week, so the new one is already doing better, especially considering that the percentage of digital sales is surely much higher now than it was in the PS3 era.

A nice surprise comes with the performance of Kadokawa Games’ Metal Max Xeno, that not only ranked third for PSe, but also first among PS Vita games. The game sold over 23,000 copies at retail between two platforms, but its official Twitter mentioned that it has sold over 50,000 copies by Friday of its launch week, so digital sales must be pretty strong.

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