Darkwood Launch Trailer Out Now Alongside PS4 Release

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Darkwood, a new survival-horror game, has received a mysterious new trailer for the game’s launch. Acid Wizard Studio, the developer behind Darkwood, wants the players to know that while this is a survival-horror game, it is primarily story driven. The setting (based on mid-80s Poland) and aesthetics are meant to keep players on their toes, but the game does not rely on jump scares to get players invested in the game and its world.

The trailer begins showing the ruins of a church which then switches to the top-down perspective of the game’s main character. We then see them interacting with unknown creatures, dogs, and what seems to be other humans. I have been intrigued to jump into this game and see what it is all about. Knowing that Darkwood is narrative-focused, but still knowing little to none about it has me very excited. 

According to Crunching Koalas, the publisher for the game, the main character’s goal is to escape the dark woods by exploring, scavenging, crafting and fortifying your hideout. Darkwood originally released on PC in August of 2017 after three years in Steam Early Access and received critical and player acclaim.

Below you can view the launch trailer along with a gallery of screenshots of the game. Darkwood is now available on PlayStation 4 with a release for Nintendo Switch coming on May 16 and Xbox One on May 17. 

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