Crysis Remastered Gameplay Reveal to Transpire on Wednesday

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Remember when Crysis Remastered was revealed a full decade ago? Actually, it was only back in April, but it feels like it happened ten years back. Thanks, 2o20.

Anyway, after unveiling the game a few months back with nothing more than some fancy key art, a teaser trailer, and some initial details, Crytek is finally set to give us an actual look at the title this week. Planned to transpire on Wednesday, July 1, at 12:00pm EST, the first gameplay footage for Crysis Remastered will officially be let loose, giving us a new look at the highly-popular shooter for a new generation.

Crytek hasn’t given us any specific details for Wednesday’s presentation other than the fact that it will, you know, just be a thing that is happening. The length of the trailer has yet to be disclosed along with any other general information. Will this trailer just be spliced in with just some random gameplay footage or will it contain longer, uncut periods of gameplay? For now, we’ll have to wait until later this week to learn more.

However, the description for the video, which you can find attached above, does state that pre-orders for Crysis Remastered will be going live pretty soon. As of now, we also don’t know what the retail price of the game will be, but we’ll surely find out once the pre-orders are active.

Crysis Remastered is set to blow up not only your PC, but also Xbox One, PS4, and Switch at some point this summer. Hopefully, we’ll get an official release date of sorts later in the week.

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