Critically Acclaimed Platformer Owlboy Receiving Physical Release on PS4 and Switch Later this Year

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Owlboy, a 2D Metroidvania platformer that was worked on for around 10 years, finally released on PC to critical acclaim in 2016. The game is poised to release digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next week, though the Nintendo Switch version has run into some issues with its menu icon. For those of you who would rather pick up the game physically, developer D-Pad Studios and publisher Soedesco announced today that the game will release physically on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on May 29.

The retail release of Owlboy was technically announced last November, but the chosen platforms and release date were not known at that time. Hans van Brakel, Executive Manager at Soedesco, had the following to say about releasing Owlboy physically, as it is the publishers’ first physical Switch game:

“We’ve had to keep quiet about this for some time, but now I can finally announce our first physical Switch game! Owlboy is a really great title to start off our Switch line-up with, but we’ve certainly got more coming up.”

For those of you who don’t know, in Owlboy players take control of Otus, a mute owl who attempts to stop an army of sky pirates. In order to do so, players fly through a wide variety of different environment and get help from other owls in order to complete their quest.

You can check out the PS4 and Nintendo Switch box art for North America, Europe, Germany, and Austrailia below. Owlboy is currently available on PC, with PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions arriving digitally next week and physical PS4 and Switch copies coming May 29.


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