Craftopia Xbox Update Patch Notes for Today, September 24

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Craftopia receives its Xbox One update, with two more updates coming in the next seven days to add more new content and further improve the game’s overall experience.

Craftopia is a multiplayer survival experience that combines different gameplay elements such as hunting, resource management, hack-and-slash combat, and crafting to deliver an enjoyable experience.

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Today, the developers launched a new update for the Xbox One version of the game that fixes a number of bugs. Check out the full patch notes down below:

Animal Crossing | New Horizons Direct Trailer

Animal Crossing | New Horizons Direct Trailer

Craftopia Xbox Update for September 24 – Patch Notes

Xbox One


  • The bug that a different character model was displayed in the opening scene right after the character creation has been fixed.
  • The bug that the model and UI of a host player weren’t displayed when you join multiplayer as a client on Xbox One has been fixed.
  • The bug that you couldn’t move to another island in multiplayer when you played as a host player on Xbox one has been fixed.

Known Issues:

  • The bug that the content inside of chests sometimes disappear.
  • The bug that the game crashes under specific circumstances.
  • The game runs slow due to the heavy load of Griffin’s tornadoes.

When Is the Update Coming to Xbox Series X|S?

While Xbox One players can already play the latest version of the game, the Xbox Series X|S players will need to wait until September 27 for the optimization update.

Furthermore, a new content update will be available for both generations of Xbox consoles on September 30.

Craftopia is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. You can play it through the Xbox Game Pass for free. Keep in mind that Craftopia is still in development and the current version is Early Access or Game Preview.

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