Cold War Season 2: New Guns Explained – Damage, Fire Rate, And How To Unlock

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With Season 2 of Cold War and Warzone kicking off today (February 25), there’s a lot to dive into. Season 2 has introduced some new guns into the mix, so we’ve put together a short guide showcasing the stats of each weapon. Don’t forget to check out all of the other DualShockers guides surround the newest Season of Cold War and Warzone. 


The FARA-83 is one of the new guns added for Season 2, and you can get your hands on it right now by reaching level fifteen in the Battle Pass. There’s no need to purchase the Battle Pass to unlock this gun, as it’s part of the free version of the pass.

This brand new assault rifle has the highest bullet velocity out of any other assault rifle in the game and deals a great amount of damage. As well as the high damage it can deal, the FARA-83 has a fire rate of around 800 rounds per minute. There is a downside to this weapon, the recoil control is a bit crazy, but it can be brought down with different attachments but may take some getting used to.


Unlocking the new LC10 SMG will likely take players a little longer to obtain than the FARA-83, as it can’t be unlocked until you reach level thirty-one of the Battle Pass. But again, players can unlock the new SMG without purchasing the full Battle Pass. If you want to get your hands on the new weapons straight away, purchasing the Battle Pass with additional tier skips will shoot players straight up to level twenty. Buying the Battle Pass Bundle will cost players two thousand four hundred COD Points.

The LC10 doesn’t have a high rate of fire like other SMG’s such as the MP7 and shoots around 800 rounds per minute. It does have great mobility and performs well at long range for a submachine gun, but would lose in short-range fights against other submachine guns such as the MP5 or 7. The bullet velocity is around four hundred and ten metres per second, which is standard for an SMG.

ZRG 20mm

Unlike the FARA-83 and LC10, this heavyweight bolt-action sniper rifle is unlocked through challenges and can’t be obtained through the battle pass. The new sniper rifle isn’t available as of writing but is coming sometime during Season Two.

There’s no information yet on what the challenge will be to unlock the ZRG 20mm when it arrives, but if you do struggle with the challenge, there is a workaround. Purchasing a blueprint of the ZRG 20mm from the store will unlock the base weapon.

R1 Shadow Hunter Crossbow

As of writing, the Crossbow isn’t obtainable to use in a custom loadout. This is expected to change as Season Two progresses. There is a way to try the new Crossbow out in-game right now, check out the full DualShockers guide to find out how.

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