Code Vein Reveals its Dark Story with Spectacular New Trailer

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Today Bandai Namco revealed a brand new trailer of its upcoming action-JRPG Code Vein.

The trailer features the game’s dark and bloody story, granting us a further look in the cutscenes that will narrate it.

We also get to see a few new characters, including a mysterious “Queen” that appears to be the antagonist, even if her nature and motives remain unknown.

Interestingly, the video also shows a battle against a Queen’s Knight boss, which is the same that completely obliterated me when I tested the game earlier this week.

Incidentally, if you’re hoping for an easier time, you may as well give up on that, because there won’t be any lower difficulty settings.

You can enjoy the trailer below, and if you want to see more, you can also check out a batch of recent screenshots showing the character creation and more, and a second gallery giving us another look on pretty much the same elements, including some examples of custom characters.

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