Code Vein Gets Tons of New Screenshots and Info on Famitsu, Opening Anime Cutscene by Ufotable

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Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included a large spread on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming action-JRPG  Code Vein.

First of all we meet Nikola Carnstein, that was introduced a while ago at an event in Japan. He is Mia’s little brother, and he wanders the wasteland with her. He is a courageous and kind kid and Mia would do anything to protect him.

we get to see a new Blood Veil named “Ivy.” It’s a lightweight weapon that hangs from the shoulders like a cloak. It’s the same model used by Eva (another of the NPC companions that can accompany the players). It’s blood-sucking attack dives into the ground and then emerges under the enemy, making it good for attacking from a relatively safe distance. It can also grow thorns that can tear apart enemies from the inside.

The other kinds of known Blood Veils so far are Ogre, Hounds and Stinger. The kind of attacks they can perform show large variations. Chainging Blood Veils and combining them with different kinds of weapons to achieve different effects is an important element of the game.

For instance, equipping a lightweight weapon and a fast blood veil can make you a specialist of dodging enemy attacks. A Heavy weapon with a high offensive power can be a good match for a blood veil that excels in defense.

Ogre has huge claws. Its range is short, but it’s possible to charge forward to hit with it. Stinger has a much longer range, and it allows attacks from a long distance. Hounds has the shape of a coat, which changes to the appearance of wolves that can attack on a wide spread with high power, allowing to suck blood from multiple enemies at the same time.

We also get to see the level up screen, with the various stats that can be raised using a currency dropped by killed enemies named “Haze.” If you get knocked out in a dungeon, you lose your haze that remains on the floor for you to collect, but if you die again before you find it, it will disappear. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

Players will also set their “Blood Code” with different abilities. Often they are found damaged, and they need to be repaired. Even after unequipping a blood code you can still use its abilities as long as you keep enhancing your level of proficiency. Examples of Blood Codes are Ranger, Berserker and Hunter.

Equipment, weapons and Blood Veils can be earned by killing enemies alongside haze, on top of purchased at specific shops (which we see in the gallery). You’ll even find them in chests, so it’s important to always explore carefully those dead ends in the dungeons.

We also see one of the locations of the game, the snowy “Freezing Spirit Peak,” that includes caves and paths battered by an eternal snowstorm. Visibility is limited, so it’s important to avoid falling victim of enemy ambushes or falls.

Last but not least, we get a look at the opening anime-style cutscene, created by popular Nakano-based studio Ufotable, that also worked on many Bandai Namco games like the God Eater and Tales series.

You can check out the gallery below (keeping in mind that these are magazine scans, so the quality of the images isn’t perfect). If you want to see and learn more you can check out some m0re recent screenshots, and some gameplay recorded by myself. Also, don’t forget to read our interview with Producer Keota Iizuka himself and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Code Vein will launch in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, even if currently we don’t have a final release date.

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