Chaos;Child Launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe with a New Trailer

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PQube, MAGES, and 5pb’s newest visual novel, Chaos;Child is now available in Europe, and we’ve got a launch trailer to prove it! The North American version of the game is coming very soon.

Chaos;Child is a visual novel from the creators of the acclaimed Steins;Gate. Set in Shibuya, Tokyo, this title follows a team of students who decide to investigate a series of gruesome murders that have struck the area. However, this may be one mystery the team may find more difficult to solve. As they become more involved in the horrific events around them, the dangers rise to the point where they may never be the same afterward.

In Chaos;Child, you will play as Takuru Miyashiro, and you will need to make choices for how to proceed in the game. One way you will do that is through the game’s “delusion system.” You will need to decide if Takuru perceives key events of the game as reality, or as a delusion, either positive or negative. Depending on what he sees, you will find yourself with one of multiple endings through Chaos;Child‘s 50-hours.

Chaos;Child is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe. The game will be available for North American PS4’s and PS Vita’s on October 24. Below is a launch trailer for the title detailing the story you can expect to find should you decide to dive in.

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