Call of Duty: WWII Dev Talks Why World War II was Chosen, Story, Zombies and More

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Call of Duty: WWII will bring the popular franchise back to the European battlefields of World War II, and today Sledgehammer Games Studio Head Glen Schofield took to twitter to answer several questions from the fans, providing a lot of information

Schofield explained the reasons why the European front was chosen instead of the Pacific, mentioned that he and others in the studio had family members who fought in Europe. He also added that on that front were located some of the most iconic battles of the war. Interestingly, the idea was taken as a group, unanimously.

After Advanced Warfare the team sought a different creative challenge, after doing modern combat and the future, they wanted to work on the past, portraying the “epic battles, sacrifice and honor.”

The team tried to get as close as possible to the location they visited to research for the game. They went to Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and to different cities within those countries. They took thousands upon thousands of pictures and videos. It was really important for them to capture the “spirit and energy” of that area.

Sledgehammer’s default art style is realistic. They love love the details and trying to really capture the true essence of a location or person.

A lot of research has also gone into recreating the weapons within the game, through books, real guns, shooting ranges, experts and “very good 3D modelers.”

The game will include “all kinds of different scenes,” as the team spent a lot of time writing and directing the script. Schofield mentioned that he is “very proud” of the story of the game. There are also a few emotional scenes.

The story itself will be mostly seen through the eyes of the protagonist, but the player will also experience being part of a platoon and working together with its members.

Speaking of the Zombies feature, Schofield explained that the vision was different than that for the other Call of Duty games. He defines it as “unique, inviting and yet disturbing.” Interestingly, we hear that the zombies  conform to the laws of gravity and believably. They aren’t demons or ghosts but, they are based on humans.

Recently, Activision revealed a brand new trailer showcasing the upcoming beta, and mentioned that the game is the right one at the right time.

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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