Call of Duty: Mobile Maps, Modes, Game Settings, and More Detailed

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Well, it may not be the one that fans have foaming at the mouth for, but at least one Call of Duty game is getting detailed this May. After announcing that the beta for Call of Duty: Mobile had gone live in certain countries just a few days ago, Activision has now released a ton of new information about the game on its blog and, despite being a mobile-only title, it’s sure to get any long time COD fan excited.

First and foremost, the developer confirmed five maps that’ll be launching with the game and just like everything else in the game, they’re from across both the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series’. The confirmed list right now includes Crossfire, Crash, and Killhouse from Modern Warfare 1, as well as Firing Range from Black Ops 1 and Standoff from Black Ops II. In addition, there were also screenshots from the game that feature Nuketown, however, it’s unconfirmed if that map will be launching with the beta.

On top of the maps, Activision also revealed which modes will be included with the game. If you’re a COD fan, then these should be no-brainers in your mind, but Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Hardpoint, Domination, and Frontline.

While scorestreaks and characters also got their time in the sun, one other interesting feature is the addition of two modes that you can set your game to in order to make your experience better. Advanced Mode includes more customizable controls like new HUD options and weapon preferences. One example that Activision used to demonstrate this idea was the option to only shoot from the hip with shotguns, so you don’t have an extra button to aim on-screen.

The other mode you can set your game to is Simple Mode. With it, the game will automatically fire your weapon if you aim your crosshairs over an enemy. This is meant to help those who can’t quite get used to the touchscreen controls (call me a noob all you want, I’ll be using this mode all the time). That being said, if you equip this mode, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to customize it at all.

f you want to check out all of what the game has to offer, you can check out Activision’s deep dive into the game by clicking here.

Call of Duty: Mobile is set to launch on iOS and Android devices later this summer.

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