Buu (Gohan Absorbed) and Dabura Confirmed for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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In a scan from V-Jump this week, Buuhan and Dabura were confirmed to be making an appearance as DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. 

Both characters hail from the Majin Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z. The new version of Buu is based on the episodes after he absorbs Gohan, and Demon King Dabura is Babidi’s assistant who can turn his enemies into stone using his saliva.

Also, Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super will be making an appearance in the game as a mentor character. Mentors can teach you new skills from the iconic series that you can equip to your custom characters. You can check out the scan below.

No release date has been given for any of the new characters as of right now. It’s also important to note that the scan only mentions the Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions of the game, since those are the only two platforms Xenoverse 2 is available on in Japan. We’ll probably see the DLC come to PC and Xbox One owners everywhere else over in the North America and Europe.

In other Dragon Ball fighting game news, a scan from V-Jump also confirmed new characters coming to Arc System Works‘ Dragon Ball FighterZTien and Yamcha will be making an appearance as well as newcomer Android 21. Also, Chiaotzu will be in the game as a support character.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this week on September 22.

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