Bungie Boasts Millions of “Guardians” Playing Destiny 2

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Without official sales numbers coming out from Bungie or any other company regarding the launch of Destiny 2, it is fairly hard to gauge the success of the mega-popular MMOFPS. That said, Bungie has flashed a glimpse into what we can expect — supposedly millions of Guardians have been playing across console platforms since the game released only earlier this week.

Revealed in the weekly Bungie news post, “This Week at Bungie,” Bungie’s Community Manager Deej started the blog post by saying:

With a head full of memories and heart primed for action, we launched Destiny 2. Since then, millions of Guardians have evacuated a City under attack to arrive “safely” at the Farm. The game is afoot!

That millions statistic is a bit tricky, given that he is noting “Guardians” — not necessarily players or copies sold. Given that Destiny 2 lets each player make an unlimited amount of Guardians, it doesn’t secure that millions of people are playing. However, with most people leveling up their main in the initial days of Destiny 2, it seems likely we are seeing close to sales numbers.

Destiny 2 launched on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 to a flurry of excitement. DualShockers’ own Noah Buttner had put in 30 hours into the main campaign, believing that Destiny 2 firmly establishes itself as more that “just another expansion.” With that said, Destiny has had a fair amount of issues — between continued PS4 problems and clans (a much advertised feature) being out of service for a first few days post-launch.

Destiny 2 is now available for both PS4 and Xbox One; the game comes to PC through Blizzard Battle.net on October 24.

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