Bullet Girls Phantasia Revealed for PS4 and PS Vita in New Screenshots From Famitsu

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In this week’s Weekly Famitsu, D3Publisher revealed Bullet Girls Phantasia for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita to launch spring 2018 in Japan.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the third installment of the Bullet Girls series that was originally a Vita exclusive. However, the game doesn’t take place in the military focus regions of the previous titles. Instead, Bullet Girls Phantasia is set in another world against alien and fantasy creatures.

Additionally, instead of using basic military arsenal as weapons, Bullet Girls Phantasia will feature swords, magic, futuristic weapons, and tanks. Players will also be able to bring a companion with them on missions to take out enemies. The interrogation scenes will also make a return which allow players to put the girls in exposed positions while the torture them for information.

Bullet Girls Phantasia will feature new and returning characters to the main campaign. There will also be more action and an updated battle system to improve on the third person shooter gameplay. Lastly, when taking damage in battle, character’s clothing will break exposing their underwear, which can be customized.

Sadly, none of the series has made its way to the west. However, Aksys did announce they will be localizing another of D3Publisher’s risque titles, School Girl Zombie Hunter for PlayStation 4 in late 2017.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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