Breath Of The Wild Player Snips Guardian From Over 1,400 Meters Away

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Several years after its initial release, players are still discovering new easter eggs, secrets, glitches, exploits, and more for The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Neko, a Japanese who chronicles many of these feats on their Twitter and YouTube pages, recently showed off one of their most impressive accomplishments. They managed to fire an arrow that hit and killed a Guardian over 1,400 meters away, as demonstrated in this video:

After jumping from the balcony of the Temple of Time near the beginning of the game, Neko fires an Ancient Arrow into the sky. They then follow the trajectory by using a “bullet time bounce,” until the arrow strikes the Guardian and reduces it to a pile of ashes. As explained in the video (by enabling English subtitles) they combined the Bird Man Research Study mini-game (which measures how far you can travel with Link’s para-glider) with a couple of glitches in order to estimate the distance the arrow traveled.

Some other unearthed secrets and tricks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild including an in-game exploit that allows players to collect infinite Korok Seeds, watching a gamer take on (and take out) six Guardians with a collection of pot lids, allowing players to ride Sidon anywhere, and letting you see some lovely underwater details. It was also discovered that Breath of the Wild uses a Switch version of Miis to generate NPCs. This means that, through the use of some modding, you can inject your own personal Miis into the game.

On December 18th Nintendo opened a new special site for the open world adventure game. The special site shares players’ memories of the game and includes many phrases that relates to Link’s own journey. In total, it includes 17 pages of messages from Japanese players.

Check out our glowing review of the first BOTW by our Editor-in-Chief. The sequel is on its way and the cast recently revealed that all voice work has been recorded. You can also purchase the game for Nintendo Switch here. A prequel, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, is also available now. The game developed by Koei Tecmo became — in just a few days — the highest selling Musou title of all time. Be sure to check out our review.

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