Bloodborne Cosplay: Three Hunters Display Their Heart-stopping Attire

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While it’s been six years since the launch release of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, the game continues to leave a hefty bloody mark on those who have stepped foot inside the gruesome and chilling world of Yharnam. Unsurprisingly, the title’s gothic and dark setting sparks the imagination of players whether that’s in some crazy fan art or in some amazing cosplay. For those who love to see Bloodborne‘s unique, interesting, and at times, downright spooky characters come to life, we have not one but three individuals who take the world of cosplaying to the next level.

Photographer Nikolay Zharov has sewn together a jaw-dropping array of some of Bloodborne‘s finest characters in one incredibly impressive photo opportunity. The shoot features three different hunters from Yharnam: Tina Morbid as the Good Hunter, Shion as Father Gascoigne, and Zep Hindle as the Old Hunter Henryk. From my knowledge of writing about cosplayers, I can definitely say that these outfits took a massive amount of work and skill to pull off.

What makes this cosplay stand out, even more, is how each character is placed on a pedestal for some shots making them look like a collectible action figure. Now, that’s what you call creative direction from the talented photographer Nikolay Zharov who certainly knows their stuff when it comes to taking the perfect picture. Take a look through the collection below and don’t forget to show some love to these cosplayers as well as the photographer for this fantastic cosplaying endeavor.

If you fancy taking on a piece of the game yourself but don’t have the skills to cosplay, how about a $300 Bloodborne watch? Or you could always roll back the hands of time and reminisce about those old-school crystal cases from the 90s with this Bloodborne crystal case demake for the PS4. I’d say it could end up being cheaper than that watch. Who wears watches anymore anyway?

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