BioWare Held a All-Hands Meeting With Staff to Discuss Internal and External Issues

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Bioware has not been setting the world on fire during the last few years with their recent releases. Mass Effect Andromeda released to mixed reviews and the internet was full videos of weird character animations from the game. Anthem was bashed in reviews due to its repetitive design and certainly did not live up to the hype. We never knew exactly what was going on internally until Jason Schreier from Kotaku ran a behemoth of a story showing a large number of issues Bioware has been going through. Now, it looks like the development studio is trying to solve their issues.

Jason Schreier tweeted that Bioware held an all-hands meeting with staff to discuss the recent troubles they have been going through both internally and from what Kotaku had pointed out in its story. He also noted that some Bioware employees that he followed up with are optimistic for changes; while others are a lot more skeptical. You can take a look at the tweet below.

Hopefully, Bioware and its staff can work out the multitude of issues they have been faced with. During its heyday, the development studio was widely recognized as one of the top dogs in the video game industry, putting out masterpieces such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the original Mass Effect series. Of course, creating a brand new IP in Anthem is incredibly hard work,  but I do believe the overall morale of staff has a massive effect on the game developed. If your staff isn’t happy and spending too much time fixing bugs due to the Frostbite engine, the overall product probably won’t be great.

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