BioWare General Manager Wants to Work on Mass Effect Again in the Future

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Sad news hit the Mass Effect fanbase yesterday evening, as BioWare announced that support for the single player story of Mass Effect Andromeda has been discontinued after patch 1.10, with no more updates on the horizon.

Apparently, though, faith in the franchise has not been extinguished at the top of the studio, with recently-returned BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson taking to Twitter to give the fans some hope.

Hudson mentioned that he loves the franchise too much not to work on it again in the future. He also thanked the fans for the support, explaining that it means everything to the team.

In the meanwhile, Mass Effect Andromeda will still receive multiplayer updates for its APEX missions, which will be used to expand the story, alongside upcoming comics and novels, which will also reveal the fate of the Quarian Ark.

Back at the beginning of July, Mass Effect Andromeda received  free demo, that you can still check out to see if you want to jump into the game. Since it has reached its final form, it’s a good chance to play it from start to end without worrying about future additions.

If you want to learn more, you can also check out our original review.

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