Beat Saber Mixes Rythym, Star Wars, and VR, Resulting in Epic Gameplay Teaser

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Not every game on the market can wow you in less than a minute. But Czech-based developer Hyperbolic Games Beat Saber does just that in its 33-second video. Seen in the trailer below, the game is psychedelic techno-based rhythm game that mashes up virtual reality and drumming in an oh-so-satisfying way.

The trailer starts with a cold open — dark prisms surround you as red and blue blocks with directional arrows flying at you. The player swings and smashes them with lightsabers, letting out a satisfying beat. And just as you get a grip of the pace, the beat drops and the volume goes to 11.

For those who haven’t heard of Beat Saber, the game entered into development sometime in 2016 and is planning a release in Q1 2018 on PC and PS4 (via PlayStation VR). The game was inspired by both Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero — a crossover that should seem evident based on the gameplay footage. Beat Saber will sport both an original soundtrack, quick play, and a full-blown career mode.

As mentioned above, Beat Saber will be coming out before April 2018 for both PC and PS4. Check out the gameplay teaser below and put this game on your radar:

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