Artist Recreates All Your Favorite Video Game Characters at a Grand Theft Auto V Pool Party

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Thankfully, social distancing in video games is not a thing. We can all happily run around our chosen gaming world without care and this is why gaming rules, quite honestly. While most of us have been doing this for many years, it’s only lately due to COVID-19 and being forced to stay at home, that some non-gamers have started to enjoy this concept and finally seeing what all the hype is about. To illustrate this idea, artist Patrick Brown has created the most non-socially distant fan art piece I’ve seen that includes many of the video games industries’ biggest characters, all having fun at none other than at Michael’s house from Grand Theft Auto V.

Australian Patrick Brown is a freelance artist and has been doing fan art for nearly 10 years now, accumulating a huge gallery filled with some of his most beloved art pieces over on DeviantArt. Being a huge gamer and having a keen interest in the entertainment world, Patrick never runs out of things to draw with the help of his Patreons. After 4 years working on his Video Game Legends fan art, Patrick finally released the final product to the public but stated that he definitely bit off way more than he could chew due to how much detail went into it. Patrick thought it would be fun to have all the video game characters he could think of at a pool party in the world of Grand Theft Auto V and realized Michael’s house would be the perfect location to host such a party. If you look closely you can see how frustrated Michael is by all these guests trashing his house – I won’t tell you where he is, that’s the fun!

As your eyes dart around the picture, you’ll also spot Franklin, Trevor, and even Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV. Of course, there are many more characters but can you name them all? Some of the guests I have spotted so far is Scorpian stealing Chun li’s sausage, Ellie, Lara Croft and Nathan Drake taking a selfie while Joel looks on from the side seemingly unimpressed, Cal from Jedi Fallen Order looking like he’s about to take on a licker from Resident Evil perched on a palm tree and Sackboy hanging out by the deckchairs with Dogmeat from Fallout 4 beside him holding a Minecraft ax. Naturally, Geralt from The Witcher is chilling in the pool with his shirt off – that’s expected but what’s not expected is seeing Kratos from God of War standing beside Link from The Legend of Zelda in only a rubber ring – a Yoshi rubber ring at that.

You really could spend a long time finding so many of the characters we know and love throughout Patrick’s incredibly done painting which was completed using Adobe Photoshop CS6. I think this would look great on the wall of many gamer’s homes and if you think Patrick deserves some recognition for his hard work, you can head over to his Patreon site to select a level of membership for as little as $1 which grants you access to exclusive content, updates on work in progress and interaction with Patrick and his patrons. There is a higher tier of a $10 membership which gives you everything that the lower membership gives you as well as original high-resolution PSDs including all layers, access to Patrick’s video tutorials and high-resolution art of each piece he creates. Artists with as much talent and skill as Patrick has, deserves each and every penny they get so I’m looking forward to seeing more of his fan art pieces in the near future.

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You can check out the entirety of Patrick’s work over on DeviantArt or Instagram.

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