Apex Legends Wins Not Counting – Devs Respond to Issue

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Today marks the official start of the Apex Legends War Games event. Unfortunately, players are experiencing some issues with the game.

It almost seems like issues with Apex come around like clockwork. Just about every new event or content update causes some sort of issue with the game. Fortunately, the developers at Respawn Entertainment are very transparent with their bug fix process.

Today, players have been reporting an issue where their wins aren’t showing when looking at their player banners.

Here’s everything you need to know about the issue with Apex Legends wins not counting.

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Apex Legends Wins Not Counting

Some Apex players have been reporting issues with their win counter on social media today. The game had a similar issue earlier this month where all player progress was seemingly set back to zero. While that might seem initially very worrying for fans who have put countless hours into the game, it was actually just a projection issue on the server side of things.

It appears that today’s issue is a similar problem and Respawn Entertainment is already looking into it. They said in a tweet from their official Twitter account:

Within the next hour, an update should be pushed that will change which War Game will be on the public playlist so that they can look into the issue. Instead of Second Chance running from today, the 13th through the 15th, it seems like the Armor Regen mode will take its place.

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