Apex Legends Nessie – Who is the Mascot and Where to Preorder the Plushie

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Apex Legends has been swinging for the fences as of late. Between the well received Chaos Theory Collection event, the Switch port of the game, and rumors about Season 9, the game is making some big waves.

Today, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment announced a new line of plushies for their adorable mascot Nessie.

But who is Nessie? They make plenty of appearances throughout the game, but there’s no in-game explanation about who they are.

Here’s everything you need to know about Nessie in Apex Legends.

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Who is Nessie in Apex Legends?

Nessie is one of the mascots for Apex. Obviously, there are the titular Legends who function as mascots for the game, but while they’re all tough and intimidating, Nessie is a little more on the cute and cuddly side.

Nessie is the hidden Loch Ness monster easter egg that players discovered after shooting each of the ten Nessie plush dolls in Kings Canyon.

Respawn has included Nessie in some form or another in Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and now in Apex Legends.

Where to Preorder Nessie Plushie

Today, Respawn announced the newest line of Apex plush dolls in a tweet. The Nessie plush is 12 inches tall and looks exactly as it does in the game, zipper and all.

You can find the preorder link right here.

The doll costs US$29.99 and is slated to be coming in April 2021 according to the Entertainment Earth product page.

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