Apex Legends March 12 Update – No-Fill Players, Heat Shields, and Ring Fury Stage 2

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This week was a big one for fans of Apex Legends. The start of the Chaos Theory Collection event and the launch of the Switch port has given fans plenty to talk about. 

Between character nerfs, weapon rebalances, and the newest game modes, the developers at Respawn Entertainment are juggling quite a bit.

Today, they shipped a patch that hopefully balances the game better with all of the new changes and additions.

Here’s everything you need to know about the March 12 Apex update.

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Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event

Photo from the official Apex Legends YouTube page

Apex March 12 Update

The update was delivered to us today in the form of a small Twitter thread. It is significantly smaller than the massive Chaos Theory update, but it still seems like it should help rebalance the game.

“No-Fill” Players

Added earlier this week, players now have the option to drop solo, by unchecking the “no-fill” box before the start of a match. Respawn said today that matches will now be limited to only two “no-fill” players. They said in their tweet, “This is a temporary measure while we solve a problem that was causing games to start with fewer than 60 players.”

Heat Shields

The newly introduced heat shields are being taken out of ranked and private matches until “further notice.” It’s unclear specifically why they’ve been disabled by Respawn other than their tweet citing some necessary bug fixes. They say that they’re hoping to “fix some bugs with it by early next week, for those using it in the Ring Fury Takeover playlist.”

Ring Fury Stage 2

Another small change to the game’s playlists comes in the form of an extension to Ring Fury Stage 2. It will be around until Monday, to seemingly make up for any lost playtime due to the heat shield changes.

Apex Tracker

The final dev update has nothing to do with the actual software of the game. The changes listed above are the only things being altered in the Apex March 12 update. In the final tweet of the thread, Respawn updated their “Apex Tracker” Trello account that helps give the community a voice. They asked for feedback saying that they “would love to know if people find it valuable—if so, we’ll make it more of a regular (weekly) thing.”

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