Apex Legends Arena – What to Expect From the Legacy Launch Trailer

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Fans of Apex Legends have been having a great week. With the announcement of the game’s newest character Valkyrie along with the ongoing War Games event, fans have had a lot to be excited about. Now, there’s Apex Legends Arena.

Respawn Entertainment has been consistently sticking the landing of each consecutive season of Apex Legends. They seem to really understand how to build up hype while also managing the community’s high expectations.

As Season 8 comes to a close with Mad Maggie’s War Games event, eyes are looking towards the future of the game: Apex Legends Legacy.

Here’s what we can expect from the games newest trailer airing tomorrow.

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Apex Legends Arena and Legacy Trailer

While the exact details of tomorrow’s trailer are still a secret, there are a handful of things we know for certain. It’s become clear today that Respawn is planning on showing off a new game mode to be included in Apex Legends alongside the Battle Royale.

Respawn’s director of communications, Ryan Rigney, clarified on Twitter saying, “few game devs recognized this lesson from Fortnite: you can delight players and drive massive growth for a game by adding a new/different genre as a ‘mode’ and supporting it as a full game.”

What’s notable about the way Rigney phrased his statement, is the idea of adding a different genre of game to Apex. This has caused fans to theorize that tomorrow’s announcement won’t simply be a new game mode introduced in Legacy, but an entirely new type of game set in the Apex/Titanfall universe.

The new game mode has been dubbed “Apex Legends Arena” from the recent in-game trailer which has caused much speculation as to what the new game mode will be.

The trailer for the game goes live tomorrow 8 a.m. PT.

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