Aloy Fan Art: 6 of the Greatest Horizon Zero Dawn Illustrations

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Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful place to experience as a player. Its rich environments and the many different types of machines that roam its lands are a sight to truly behold. If you have yet to jump into the dystopian world, we have some incredible fan art pieces to tempt you in before Horizon Forbidden West makes its arrival at some stage this year.

Below you will see an array of stunning visuals by talented and creative artists from around the world that show off HZD’s main character, Aloy, and its dangerous landscapes. Check them all out, but I can place a bet that picking your favorite won’t be an easy task.


AllrichArt is a digital artist from America who loves Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and a wide range of video games. This stunning piece showcases Aloy after she has taken down, in what appears to be, a corruptor; an aggressive machine vaguely akin to that of a large, black scorpion.


AyyaSAP is also a digital artist from Japan. Here we see a different Aloy to the one we are used to. AyyaSAP has decided to go down the route of making our Horizon Zero Dawn badass look more like a pinup but regardless, Aloy looks fabulous; check out that outfit, too.


VarshaVijayan is a game designer and Illustrator from Bangalore, India. This particular Aloy sketch caught my eye immediately due to the gorgeous lighting effect that cloaks Aloy’s face and how it highlights the stunning colors in her hair and necklace. Vijayan really is an incredible artist, make sure to check them out.


TheClassica, an artist from Azerbaijan, shows off their wonderfully brave Aloy as she holds her spear, which can override machines, high into the air. The setting seems to be that of one of the more lush areas of HZD. I love how we also see a striking face portrait of Aloy to the right of the image as well.


Juan Diego Leon, a concept artist from Lima, Peru, swoops in with this eye-catching art piece of Aloy in action as she rides on a Broadhead. The use of color here is so amazing and it really brings the image to life, especially how Leon used lighting. I love how every little detail is taken care of, even the leaves falling from the trees and the water rising up from the gigantic machine’s foot as it hurdles towards Aloy, not to mention those Tallnecks in the background.


Last but not least, we come back to AllrichArt who we saw featured at number one on the list. Again, the lighting effect used is just stunning as the sky sets over some wasteland, beginning to coat the distant mountains in the blackness of night. We also see Aloy keeping an eye on a Watcher from the banks, posied with her spear in hand in case it spots her. It really is a great piece of art that would look even better framed on my wall.

Horizon: Forbidden West will launch on the PlayStation 4 alongside the PlayStation 5 version whenever the game releases at some point this year. Hopefully, we won’t have too long to wait to get our hands on it but you can be sure we will see more from Aloy and the machines in the lead-up to its launch.

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