Aaron Greenberg Expects Xbox One X to Sell Out; Talks Being a “Hungry” Team and Samsung Partnership

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During a livestream on Microsoft’s own service Mixer Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg gave more insight on his expectations for the Xbox One X, on top of the team’s “hungry” attitude and a newly-revealed partnership with TV manufacturer Samsung.

According to Greenberg, Microsoft expected the initial allocation of Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition to last for a certain amount of time, but it did not last that long. He also encouraged those who want to get their hand on a unit at launch to pre-order, because they’re going to sell out.

Greenberg also mentioned that Microsoft has a long list of things they want to do with the Xbox One, they’re a “very hungry team” with games, innovation, Mixer, the live services, accessories, and they’re always thinking what they can do next.

Greenberg then talked about a newly-announced partnership with Samsung, and the TV manufacturer is going to be promoting Xbox One X “everywhere they go,” including their ads. When people are going to ask which console to buy with a 4K TV Samsung is going to recommend Xbox One X, and the two companies are working together to optimize 4K between the console and the TVs.

On its side, Xbox will recommend to its customers the Samsung QLED TV sets, which are also being used to showcase the Xbox One X at PAX West.

According to Greenberg, Samsung is a “great partner,” and one of the fun things that they get to do in marketing is working with other brands: companies that have common goals can actually help each other out.”

Xbox One X pre-orders were originally made available a few days ago on August 20th, and they sold out almost everywhere almost immediately, but a second wave will be coming soon. The console will cost $499, and will launch on November 7th. New UI features and modes were showcased earlier today, and we got more information on future plans from Mike Ybarra.

If you want to read more about Microsoft’s strategy for the new console and much more, you can check out our own recent interview with Greenberg himself.

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