A Robot Named Fight Brings Roguelike Action to Steam Today; Gets Launch Trailer

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Indie developer Matt Bitner Games unearthed its 16-bit platformer A Robot Named Fight for PC today. To celebrate its release, a launch trailer showcasing its distinctive sci-fi style, and exploratory gameplay was unveiled.

A Robot Named Fight is an amalgamation of two genres: Metroidvania, and roguelike. The game tasks players to explore a procedurally generated, alien-infested world inspired by two of the developer’s favorite titles, Super Metroid, and Splatterhouse.

In the sci-fi platformer, players take the role of a lone robot as they garner wartime artifacts in an effort to defeat the orb of flesh known as the Megabeast. As the moon-sized horror discharges its children upon the world, making use of the offensive and defensive capabilities of each discovered weapon will ensure survival. These artifacts also help the robot progress through the ever-changing landscape, opening new paths to explore.

The new platformer contains a number of key features including “true” permadeath, over 50 different enemies, more than 60 weapons, and local co-op.

Matt Bitner Games’ A Robot Named Fight is available now on Steam at a 25% discount for $7.49. The sale ends next week on September 14. A bundle that includes the game and its synth-ridden original soundtrack is also available on Steam for $10.61.

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