5 Things Bandai Namco Needs to Fix in a Tales of Arise Sequel

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Over a week has passed since Tales of Arise was released worldwide and the JRPG broke the record of the fastest game to reach one million copies shipped in the series – Tales of Arise definitely deserves those results, though it’s not without faults either. Here are 5 things Bandai Namco and the Tales of team should improve for the next game in the series.

Note that producer Yusuke Tomizawa confirmed Tales of Arise won’t get a sequel. These are changes I’m hoping will be implemented in the next game of the series to be precise.

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TALES OF ARISE – Official Opening Animation

TALES OF ARISE – Official Opening Animation

5 things Tales of Arise‘s sequel needs to fix: The bestiary is lacking in variety

This is actually pretty disappointing and a downscale compared to past Tales of games. Recolors were always a thing in the series, but there’s a clear lack of variety in the Tales of Arise bestiary. We end up fighting the same Zeugles and the same Renan armored soldiers for a good portion of the game.

In the same fashion, a lot of the enemies tend to have similar patterns. The Gigantos, or Gigant Zeugles bosses, all tend to have attacks that are basically “I’m going to ram into you”. I hope the next game in the series will be more inventive with its monsters.

Tales of Arise‘s day and night cycle is useless

This is yet another downgrade compared to some of the past episodes in the Tales of series. Sure, Tales of Arise looks beautiful, but besides looking cool, the day and night cycle is just there for no reason. This is also linked with our previous point, as the development team could have used nighttime to spawn unique or more dangerous monsters. Increasing the bestiary.

Tales of Arise location 2 screenshot fields

The next game needs shorter Skits

I’ve got the feeling most of the Skits in Tales of Arise are really long compared to the standards in the series. As if Bandai Namco really wanted to show off the game’s beautiful 3D models.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m someone who loves the (repetitive) writing of most JRPGs, who loves reading, and would never complain about dialogues being too long. The problem with some of the Skits in Tales of Arise is that they tend to miss the beat to deliver a good joke. Some of the best Skits in past games like Symphonia were only one or two lines of dialogue long.

One of the 5 things Tales of Arise really needs to fix: Getting a better ally AI

This is a recurrent problem in the Tales of Series, with some games handling it better than others. It’s definitely frustrating in Tales of Arise boss fights when a boss displays its next AOE eons in advance and yet your allies don’t get out of the way. And despite the numerous customization options, it’s impossible to tell long-range characters like Rinwell to never ever get into close-range. By straight up disabling her normal attack for example. This was possible in past games in the series, but not in Arise.

This is even more frustrating considering Tales of Arise does not have a multiplayer mode, which is a staple of the series, and definitely helps when tackling boss battles. Hopefully, multiplayer mode during battles will be coming back in the next game as well.

The next Tales of game needs to be fully-voiced

That’s one of my biggest disappointments with Tales of Arise. Seeing how the game was advertised and supposed to bring the series to new heights, that’s definitely something I wish Bandai Namco put more money on the table for. The lack of full-voice also shows Tales of Arise was ultimately a test shot, and Bandai Namco clearly didn’t want to take that many risks despite all the changes the game brings to the series.

What do you guys think could be improved in Tales of Arise? Be sure to tell me on Twitter @A_Iyane07.

Tales of Arise is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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